Useless-Needlessly Complex Machine Assignment

Women's Work. 2009. Wood; computer printer; mix master; Pampered Chef kitchen item (grinder); paper clips; elastics; toilet paper holder; pencil; wire; metal; hour glass; cork screw; bed wheel; and broom holder.

This project was made for a 'Useless-Needlessly Complex Machine' assignment for a Creative Electronics for Beginners course as an introduction to mechanical movement. University of Lethbridge, Alberta. July 2009.

As I explored some thrift stores, household items caught my attention. I imagined taking on the persona of a person finding whatever they could in their house to build a time machine. The spinning hourglass is my favourite part! Once I realized that all of the items that I used were domestic or related to the stereotype of "women's work" - being a housewife, or a secretary, as indicated by the printer - the machine became a more cohesive piece for me. Perhaps I was attracted to these items not only for their mechanical properties, but also for spending time in the kitchen helping my grandmother and great aunts cook throughout my childhood. Who knows!


  1. Hey this is Nick, Agnes' boyfriend. She told me about your website. I really like your art and how you don't pigeonhole yourself to a single art form of genre.

    I'll keep checking in on what you put up.

    Keep it up, your work is inspiring.

  2. Thanks, Nick! Sorry I just saw this now!

  3. This is awesome Lisa You can do so many things at once now with the new Lisa Spinelli Uselessly needless complex machine!! only $999.99 :D. Love it


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