Figure Drawing Course Work/Exercises

Drawing exercises in various media for a Figure and Life Drawing course. May-June 2009. University of Lethbridge, Alberta.


  1. The Skeleton Hand and Foot are Amazing! Such great detail I also love the hands and feet on their own and the 6th one I can't remember what its called from Art class but I love it you're so talented. Also your self portrait is beautiful I really like the detail in the hair

  2. Thanks, Alex! I never did complete the skeleton details - it was just an exercise we did within a time limit.

    About the 6th image down - that style of drawing is called 'gesture' drawing, where you just get a sense of the volume and shape of the figures. It's intended to be quick, loose, and well, 'gestural' with the marks of the drawing tool. Thanks for your interest!


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