Artwork Before University: 2005-2007

Rustic Rhythms. 2005. Oil on canvas. (Based on a still life of aged instruments).

Painted in a Corner. 2005. Acrylic and gloss on cotton paper. (Based on shoegazer music).

On the Brink of Identity. 2005. Gouache paints, pencil crayons and ink marker on cotton paper.
A somewhat biographical artwork/self portrait. 

Life Drawing Study. 2007. Conte on newsprint.

Life Drawing Study. 2006. Conte on newsprint.

A Spiral Mind. 2006. Colour photocopies of black and white photos originally printed on Ilford glossy. Original photos were developed in a dark room from black and white film. I made photocopies for the purpose of making a collage, as I wanted to preserve the originals.

This was an assignment for Grade 12 photography. The four sectors are mental, emotional, moral, and physical. We were encouraged to not be too literal and our teacher had some books on symbolism to assist us with brainstorming ideas. The spiral shape is the predominant, overriding motif. The spiral generally represents rebirth, fertility, and the life cycle.